Shaintar Legends Awaken: Agents of Flame

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 1

Harvest moons 11th 3125

I am sorry for this delay in my reports but until recently it was not safe to send them. With Fenrikas ki Arkor out of town and sent elsewhere, Kal Montak was like every other city in this horrid place. Fortunately maavi’s antics and ideas seem to have forced him to come back since his second couldn’t keep control.
Game report 1
So to start on the 3erd of harvest moons I met my new team at the raging bull. I thought it appropriate being that if I mess up it’s Ava that has to answer for it, empire wise at least. It was an interesting group to say the least. First of all the man from the northern tribes Maavi he was big and loud and kinda stupid. I mean he watched Ava kill one of the soldiers in one hit with a club and still continued to hit on her. Next a korindian Jay who seemed decent enough. She definitely had her wits about her and had the slave act down. Finally the traitor Josh, and I don’t use this term lightly. He once served under the empires flag proudly. I wasn’t sure how much he could be trusted if at all. I wanted to kill him from the second I saw him. However Ava reassured me that he was on our side.

I decided that I needed to see what they were capable of, so I told them that we had to stop a horde of childer that was marching west of Kal Montak. I’m not going to lie I didn’t see this succeeding, but the idea was to test their abilities not to actually stop the horde. That is work for the rangers and various militia not lanterns or unchained. I told them that magical weapons would probably be a good idea since some things you can’t kill with normal weapons. Josh decided he was going to get blood steal, which I have no problem with normally. However they way he got it was a problem. Apparently there is a weak spot in the elvish nations defenses and josh knew it. He decided it was a good trade off to give that information for one single blood steal saber. Once we were done with this mission I would have to deal with this. Maavi, Jay, and I leave heading toward Kal’Shrin the last know location of the horde. It took 5 days of travel which wasn’t that bad. It seemed they could handle themselves in the wild better than I could.

11th of harvest moons
Once in the town Jay tries to get passage for us across the river with little success. Maavi manages to secure passage but not without bumps. Apparently he tried to intimidate a retired soldier into giving us a better price, and eneded up scared of all retired Kal soldiers. On the boat I got a really bad feeling and I look over the side to find some kind of creature in the river. We dive over the side just as the beast hit the boat and swam for our lives. Maavi apparently is not a good swimmer. Once on the shore we got word that we were too late. We headed back to the raging bull with our heads down. Maavi and josh had already brought unnecessary attention to us. We arrive back on the 19th of harvest moons.


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