Shaintar Legends Awaken: Agents of Flame

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 2

32end of harvest moons 3125

Crap the information that Josh gave was sent with a messenger while we were gone. It was heading straight for the freaking capital. Great, now we have to stop it. Instead of just telling Ava and having it stopped I thought it important to show that every action has consequences. We were going to stop it ourselves. Maavi goes to the Tor Mastak whom had Josh to retrieve him and knocked on the door like he was going to just demand that we have Josh back. Thankfully Jay saved the day by going to the door and standing next to him. She told them that they were sent to help out in anyway possible. Thankfully the slave that answered the door bought it and let us in. Once inside jay and Maavi were sent upstairs to guard josh and I dealt with the Tor Mastak which was not easy. I was sore and hurt for an impressively long time.
We find out when the messenger left and confirm that they are headed for the capital. That made our mission clear stop the messenger before they reach the capital. We leave on the 23erd heading toward Carus where I have a contact who can get us the the area outside of the capital before the messenger reaches it. It takes us 8 days which lands us there on the 32end. Once inside the town we got confronted and I lost my temper. Josh acted as if I were his slave and that he would take care of me. He dragged me away by my scales. Which did not help my pride any. I hate having to “be a slave”. Josh stops at the inn we were to meet our contact at and find that one of the soldiers had followed us. Once upstairs I smile and slap josh’s hands off of me. The jerk that was following us was my contact, Volstagg. He had a huge grin on his face. Of course he would find this funny; it’s not often he sees me in a compromising postition. Once alone I let the group know that he is fine and I can see Maavi relax. I’m pretty sure he was ready to kill him. At the time I would have told him good luck, but knowing what I now know I think he could honestly take him.
Anyways he tells us he can get us transport to Findris a city just outside of the capital. The next morning we meet him and something covered in armor souped up by arc fire. I think it may have been a builder.
I have never felt more pain and never been more sure that I would die than when that arcfire device sent us hundreds of miles. It’s indescribable. We moved to a more defensible position so that we had the high ground. The plan was simple Jay and I would act like unchained that we’re trying to make our way away from the capital or Findris and lure that messenger to where Maavi and josh were waiting. While making our plan a small goblin whom knew our code approached and said he was sent to help. I didn’t fully trust it but with no way to get in contact with Ava to find out if she really sent him I let him join in. He would join Maavi and josh at the top of the hill.
How did we not see it coming. They had a huge monitor with them, as well as an adept, and they were on horses. This screwed our plan horribly. Jay and I vanished in the snow. Jay circled back around running right up to them yelling about an attack from shaya’nor. I went along with her plan, and stabbed my self in the stomach than stumbled close to them before collapsing. They told Jay to show her where and dragged me by my scales. Why is it no one can just pick me up like a normal person. Anyways. Maavi and josh stated to fight. I’m still not sure if they were really trying to kill each other or not. At any rate it made things more balivable until we got really close. Some how the small squad knew we were lying. They turned on us and began trying to kill us. The monitor charged, and when it did I realized that it was bigger than a normal one, and it had a battle axe, GREAT. Somehow we managed to escape, but the goblin was no where to be seen. We had to find camp it was starting to get bitterly cold; Jay and I were starting to get hypothermic.


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