Shaintar Legends Awaken: Agents of Flame

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 3

32nd of harvest moons

It was a trap, how did I not see it. Okay there was a camp in the distance. we only saw it because of a small fire.We thought maybe it was where the messenger was camped along with his guard. We weren’t just going pass up the chance to stop the messenger and silence them in there sleep.

Once Maavi and I got into the camp shyakar appeared out of thin air. the ground around the camp came alive as ratsin swarmed. I still don’t understand, why were ratsin there? the camp was filled with darkness so why was flame surrounding us and keeping others from getting to us and from letting us out. zombies, gouls, shyakar, and even a werewolf were coming from everywhere. all we could do was run. well until Maavi got tired of it. he turned and some how managed to kill one of the night guard. I didn’t realize they were night guard until maavi killed one of them. we ran out of there as fast as we could. once on the other side we found that the forest and camp filled with darkness faded away.
this was a strange night, on a good note I wasn’t cold anymore.


kitanona1216 howardrbrandon

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