Shaintar Legends Awaken: Agents of Flame

Agents of flame: game report 4

2end of white stag

Maavi seemed to be awfully friendly with that shyakar. They spoke briefly before she left warning us that if we ever crossed her path again we would be enemies. It was odd, I never felt such a strange ach. Almost as if I wanted to cry and at the same time cut that shyakar down. I’m not going to lie… I never felt this sensation before, and I hope to never feel this way again. Anyways, we were able to make our way to the outer patrol areas. I’m not sure if I was seeing things or not, but there was one patrol walking with shyakar. Though I’m not sure if that was what happened or if it was simply the still very real fear i was feeling from that horrid camp.

Jay, josh, and Maavi Exeter the city through the front gate with relative ease thanks to josh. I on the other hand had to scale a wall knock out some guards and run into the merchants district. Unfortunately I am too easily recognized due to my coloring. Thankfully there is a small safe house that is or was a contact. I can’t say fir sure weather or not the owner wants to see me or my team ever again after all that has happened, but that will be explained later. We all met up at the safe house which happens to be a bakery with a house above it. The owner is secretly married to her slave whom is an unchained. She is a fellow agent, and told me a long time ago that if I was ever in the capital i would have somewhere safe to lay my head.

Once my team found the bakery and made there way upstairs they found me covered in kalanesh blood and ready to finish our mission. Jay figured out how we would get through the several gates to get to the messenger. Hopefully before the messenger reached the emporer. We all knew if the message made it that far then it would be game over and we could not stop the might of the empire. Josh would present jay as a “gift” to the emporer. I was skeptical as to how well that would work, but it seemed to work okay.

Once my team found the bakery and made there way upstairs they found me covered in kalanesh blood and ready to finish our mission. Jay figured out how we would get through the several gates to get to the messenger. Hopefully before the messenger reached the emporer. We all knew if the message made it that far then it would be game over and we could not stop the might of the empire. Josh would present jay as a “gift” to the emporer. I was skeptical as to how well that would work, but it seemed to work okay.

We searched and after we crossed the fifth gate we found the messenger walking with about 5 guards. To top it all off it was the freaking goblin that disappeared during our shuffle with the minitor. Josh was death from the shadows and Maavi jay and I kept the guards off the messenger. It went off pretty easily. Though jay, Maavi and I had to hide quickly. I lead them to the one place hidden enough that the patrols wouldn’t find us, the thieves guild. It was a risky move being that to my knowledge neither jay nor Maavi were thieves, but we had to do something. I still have no idea how josh made it out of the city.

While in the thieves guild an ogre tried to get Maavi to drink with him. Maavi declined and we found a small room with beds for those of the guild to sleep in. We took turns keeping watch and decided to crash for the night. During my shift the ogre managed to sneak up on me. I managed to stop his club before it hit Maavi. Though I’m pretty sure he dislocated my arm. Ready or not the shadow war has found us. It was inevitable; I just hope they are ready. After that we stayed up and contemplated how we were going to get out of the city. We decided on a rather risky approach.

We decided to scale the mountain that the city sat against and get out that way. Kit was the least guarded way being that the mountain was practically suicide. That was fun to say the least Maavi almost fell. I almost froze to death, and jay almost drown. But we eventually made it to the other side of the river. We found josh hidden in the snow keeping an eye for us. Then we all found volstag waiting for us and he got us home. Though I’m not sure how I was so cold that whole part is a bit of a blur.

From agent cloe

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 3

32nd of harvest moons

It was a trap, how did I not see it. Okay there was a camp in the distance. we only saw it because of a small fire.We thought maybe it was where the messenger was camped along with his guard. We weren’t just going pass up the chance to stop the messenger and silence them in there sleep.

Once Maavi and I got into the camp shyakar appeared out of thin air. the ground around the camp came alive as ratsin swarmed. I still don’t understand, why were ratsin there? the camp was filled with darkness so why was flame surrounding us and keeping others from getting to us and from letting us out. zombies, gouls, shyakar, and even a werewolf were coming from everywhere. all we could do was run. well until Maavi got tired of it. he turned and some how managed to kill one of the night guard. I didn’t realize they were night guard until maavi killed one of them. we ran out of there as fast as we could. once on the other side we found that the forest and camp filled with darkness faded away.
this was a strange night, on a good note I wasn’t cold anymore.

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 2

32end of harvest moons 3125

Crap the information that Josh gave was sent with a messenger while we were gone. It was heading straight for the freaking capital. Great, now we have to stop it. Instead of just telling Ava and having it stopped I thought it important to show that every action has consequences. We were going to stop it ourselves. Maavi goes to the Tor Mastak whom had Josh to retrieve him and knocked on the door like he was going to just demand that we have Josh back. Thankfully Jay saved the day by going to the door and standing next to him. She told them that they were sent to help out in anyway possible. Thankfully the slave that answered the door bought it and let us in. Once inside jay and Maavi were sent upstairs to guard josh and I dealt with the Tor Mastak which was not easy. I was sore and hurt for an impressively long time.
We find out when the messenger left and confirm that they are headed for the capital. That made our mission clear stop the messenger before they reach the capital. We leave on the 23erd heading toward Carus where I have a contact who can get us the the area outside of the capital before the messenger reaches it. It takes us 8 days which lands us there on the 32end. Once inside the town we got confronted and I lost my temper. Josh acted as if I were his slave and that he would take care of me. He dragged me away by my scales. Which did not help my pride any. I hate having to “be a slave”. Josh stops at the inn we were to meet our contact at and find that one of the soldiers had followed us. Once upstairs I smile and slap josh’s hands off of me. The jerk that was following us was my contact, Volstagg. He had a huge grin on his face. Of course he would find this funny; it’s not often he sees me in a compromising postition. Once alone I let the group know that he is fine and I can see Maavi relax. I’m pretty sure he was ready to kill him. At the time I would have told him good luck, but knowing what I now know I think he could honestly take him.
Anyways he tells us he can get us transport to Findris a city just outside of the capital. The next morning we meet him and something covered in armor souped up by arc fire. I think it may have been a builder.
I have never felt more pain and never been more sure that I would die than when that arcfire device sent us hundreds of miles. It’s indescribable. We moved to a more defensible position so that we had the high ground. The plan was simple Jay and I would act like unchained that we’re trying to make our way away from the capital or Findris and lure that messenger to where Maavi and josh were waiting. While making our plan a small goblin whom knew our code approached and said he was sent to help. I didn’t fully trust it but with no way to get in contact with Ava to find out if she really sent him I let him join in. He would join Maavi and josh at the top of the hill.
How did we not see it coming. They had a huge monitor with them, as well as an adept, and they were on horses. This screwed our plan horribly. Jay and I vanished in the snow. Jay circled back around running right up to them yelling about an attack from shaya’nor. I went along with her plan, and stabbed my self in the stomach than stumbled close to them before collapsing. They told Jay to show her where and dragged me by my scales. Why is it no one can just pick me up like a normal person. Anyways. Maavi and josh stated to fight. I’m still not sure if they were really trying to kill each other or not. At any rate it made things more balivable until we got really close. Some how the small squad knew we were lying. They turned on us and began trying to kill us. The monitor charged, and when it did I realized that it was bigger than a normal one, and it had a battle axe, GREAT. Somehow we managed to escape, but the goblin was no where to be seen. We had to find camp it was starting to get bitterly cold; Jay and I were starting to get hypothermic.

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 1

Harvest moons 11th 3125

I am sorry for this delay in my reports but until recently it was not safe to send them. With Fenrikas ki Arkor out of town and sent elsewhere, Kal Montak was like every other city in this horrid place. Fortunately maavi’s antics and ideas seem to have forced him to come back since his second couldn’t keep control.
Game report 1
So to start on the 3erd of harvest moons I met my new team at the raging bull. I thought it appropriate being that if I mess up it’s Ava that has to answer for it, empire wise at least. It was an interesting group to say the least. First of all the man from the northern tribes Maavi he was big and loud and kinda stupid. I mean he watched Ava kill one of the soldiers in one hit with a club and still continued to hit on her. Next a korindian Jay who seemed decent enough. She definitely had her wits about her and had the slave act down. Finally the traitor Josh, and I don’t use this term lightly. He once served under the empires flag proudly. I wasn’t sure how much he could be trusted if at all. I wanted to kill him from the second I saw him. However Ava reassured me that he was on our side.

I decided that I needed to see what they were capable of, so I told them that we had to stop a horde of childer that was marching west of Kal Montak. I’m not going to lie I didn’t see this succeeding, but the idea was to test their abilities not to actually stop the horde. That is work for the rangers and various militia not lanterns or unchained. I told them that magical weapons would probably be a good idea since some things you can’t kill with normal weapons. Josh decided he was going to get blood steal, which I have no problem with normally. However they way he got it was a problem. Apparently there is a weak spot in the elvish nations defenses and josh knew it. He decided it was a good trade off to give that information for one single blood steal saber. Once we were done with this mission I would have to deal with this. Maavi, Jay, and I leave heading toward Kal’Shrin the last know location of the horde. It took 5 days of travel which wasn’t that bad. It seemed they could handle themselves in the wild better than I could.

11th of harvest moons
Once in the town Jay tries to get passage for us across the river with little success. Maavi manages to secure passage but not without bumps. Apparently he tried to intimidate a retired soldier into giving us a better price, and eneded up scared of all retired Kal soldiers. On the boat I got a really bad feeling and I look over the side to find some kind of creature in the river. We dive over the side just as the beast hit the boat and swam for our lives. Maavi apparently is not a good swimmer. Once on the shore we got word that we were too late. We headed back to the raging bull with our heads down. Maavi and josh had already brought unnecessary attention to us. We arrive back on the 19th of harvest moons.

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 0
Flames' Answer to Darkness

Lieutenant Aka Miki
27th of Raining leaves

1rst of raining leaves in the year 3125. I know I requested some help in Kal’montak, but I wasn’t sure about whom they sent me. The sorcerer seemed a bit meek, and the alchemist an amiture. Though the thief seemed fair enough… at least she seemed to try. It doesn’t help that they all tried to get a look at what was going on in the pit and got caught. Well uram my orc seemed to take a liking to them, so they have something worth seeing. He may not be the smartest, but he knows who makes a good recruit and who does not. I decided to give them a chance, so I led them back to Hq. I gave them a simple mission; Simple, but important. The mission was this; to meet with a group of allies that were transporting a weapons cash for us. They were to meet them near the border of the northern gathers a city called Harag. They had a long journey ahead of them.

On the 4th of raining leaves they discovered they were being followed. They began to move quicker, and began to succumb to exhaustion. On the 7th of raining leaves they ran into an ambush. They were expected; though no one was supposed to know about this. The traitor must be someone high in the ranks. After defeating the ratsin and the kal soldiers they rushed to the meeting place. Instead of our allies they found bodies, and what looked like cart tracks. They tried to track them, but lost sight of the tracks after a few days. With defeat in their hearts they headed back to Hq.

Little did they know that while they were gone the Kal attacked in droves. They came in waves and broke through the defenses of Hq as well as killed 80% of the unchained in the city. Needless to say I was not pleased. I might have tore them a new one. Krista reminded me that the area was probably not safe. Of course, she was right so we moved. We had to move to a secondary location unfortunately that was a root cellar in the backyard of a noble’s house. To keep his cover he told us we were not aloud in the house unless to use the washroom. Even then we had to go through the back entrance. It sucked, but it was a place to rest our tired heads. Once there Karma, Krista, and nixie went to wash up.

On the 8th of raining leaves Zireez one of my many eyes in the city came scampering in looking distraught. My goblinesh is rusty so it was hard to understand what he was saying. I only managed to catch a few key things. One was that a cauldron was possibly being formed. The second is that this may be flames answer to vionars return. The third is that the ritual was being performed somewhere between Grora, Kal’Arnor, Kal’Grondor, and Vorz. Uram translated for the rest of the group. Karma’s face went white as soon as she heard. They were ready to leave immediately, but I told them to wait and meet at the gate in an hour. I was hoping maybe I could find someone crazy enough to help them. Unfortunately no one in Kal’Montak that was left had any balls. I would have to get help from elsewhere, but there was no time for that. Zeak made the call to go on with the mission even if it meant they were alone in it. I told both Krista and Zeak to do anything regardless of the cost to stop the Kal.

They began traveling by night and sleeping during the day. Raiding small towns and villages on their way. This continued until in a dusty little house they found armour strown about and a trunk with no dust on them. Nixie opened the trunk to find a pair of fresh avakar wings. Zeak remembered that the Kal proudly display avakar wings, they never hide them. With this information Zeak orders for 6 on 6 off to get there as fast as possible.on the 13th of raining leaves the scouts came across an ambush, but were unseen. When they reported back Zeak determined that the other path they could take would set them back a few days.l with speed in mind Krista protested further delays, so Zeak Ordered to go in and surprise the enemy. After successfully defeating the enemy they moved on to find the ritual site. Krista could sense it from miles away.

On the 15th of raining leaves they found the site just north of Vorz; When the scouts returned they spoke of a hoard of childer. Zeak ordered for swift action and they charged. Upon arrival what they found was horrific. A lake of blood, hoards of enemies, and one giant alter. It was something out of a nightmare apparently. I don’t know though they haven’t seen my nightmares. Krista and Uram teleported to the altar and the sorcerer began to unleash hell upon Ceynara’s alter; while Uram began to swat any whom survived the hellstrom of purple energy. While Nixie, Karma, and Zeak did what they could to stop the 4 minitors and the swarm of ratzin. After the altar finally came apart and Krista whom had began to burn away from the energy she was channeling, died for a bit on the alter. Karma immediately began to pour healing potions down her throat. Though I will never know how it worked, but it did. Krista sputtered to life; though she was forever changed. I wonder what happened when she died. Once they checked themselves for injuries and dealt with them Zeak ordered them home.

They arrived back in Kal’Montak on the 22end of raining leaves. They were exhausted and and drenched in blood. I gave them time to rest and clean up. I had been spending my time trying to hunt down the traitor. I felt maybe If I could find whoever they were, maybe I could stop something like this from happening again. Unfortunately none of my sources knew who the traitor was, or they feared for their life too much. Either way I needed help; I had very few people I could trust anymore, so I had to use what I had.

On the 26th of raining leaves I gave them a mission to find the traitor. I would be going with them, but watching from the shadows. I wasn’t even supposed to be in the Kal empire anymore. Following from the shadows I watched as Zeak ordered Nixie and Uram to scout a head. They came across a friend of Uram’s who told them that the noble Sir Ryker had been keeping trophies again. Though he didn’t want anyone to know they got the information from him. Heading toward sir Ryker’s house they came across a few slaves chained together and being led into the pit. I couldn’t believe it was already time for another festival. In rage Uram began to trying to get Zeak to allow a rescue mission. Zeak made the call to allow it to happen. Once they began their rescue they immediately regretted it. Inside the pit there was a massive demon engulfed in flames. Desperately they try to take the demon down, but can’t seem to deal any damage. After a few painful moments of watching them try so hard I slid into the pit and tried to help, but to no avail. This thing was a wall. I couldn’t even touch it. With this information I called a retreat. Thankfully by this point Uram had managed to free the slaves from their chains.

Once safe again we continued our trek to Sir Ryker’s house. Once inside we saw something we probably weren’t supposed to. He had a dwarven unchained held down to the ground and was in the process of raising his war hammer to come down on her head. She was already battered and the hallway was a mess. Obviously there was a struggle and the dwarf was on the losing end. Uram charged the noble and knocked him off the dwarf. Once the dwarf was free from Ryker she ran to safety. Zeak began to threaten the noble until he wet himself and began to cry. He admitted to being the one to feed information to the empire. At that Uram killed him after looking at me to make sure I would let him. At this point I did not care as long as we knew whom he told. It didn’t even take two seconds for him to tell that he told one person and he was still in the house somewhere. With that Uram tore him apart bit by bit. I’m not gonna lie I kinda felt sorry for him. Leaving the gruesome scene Nixie went upstairs to the top of the stairs where a room was. She heard pacing from inside. Nixie waited for a few seconds until a Kal soldier stepped out of the door and looked shocked to see nixie. Nixie didn’t give him a chance to react before she struck him down with one well placed slash with her dagger. Just like that he fell to the ground bleeding out. I gave her a greater healing potion to dump down his throat after tying him up. Zeak and Uram found a room full of war trophies.goblin skulls, weapons including black iron, and at the front a pair of bleeding wings. I could see why Uram’s friend was suspicious of this guy.

After dragging the prisoner to the Hq I told Zeak, Krista, and Nixie to interrogate them as I tend to kill someone rather than asking questions. Zeak and Krista decided that if interogation didn’t work they would torture him; not that I have an issue with that but Nixie and Uram might. After Nixie and Uram asked their questions and tried to intimidate him Krista began casting spells at him in attempt to scare the life out of him. Once they determined that normal means would not work Krista hoisted him up and began to build hellfire onto her hand against his throat. He cried and began to beg for his life. He told her that only one person knew of where Hq was relocated to and it was a kal battle leader by the name of Corin. At that note I left to get him
I was beginning to get impatient. Once back

27th of Raining leaves

I regret to inform that the lieutenant has passed away. Apparently she got caught dragging a kal solider back to Hq we must again move. The Lieutenant was beaten and told her cover was blown, so she bit down and took her suicide pill. Nixie was caught in a chase and fought the kal until unable to fight anymore. She went out in a blaze of glory and took the secrets she knew with her. This is a sad day, but at least we are safe once again. For the time being we are moving into the desert princes land until things settle down for a bit. Too many incursions have happened recently, and I feel it may be for the best. I am also requesting some help due to the number of losses we have faced in the last month.

Your servant Zireez

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