Defining Interests
Characters can gain +1 for general or +2 for specific situations where their Defining Interests come into play.

Per new rules, a simple successful Spirit roll removes the Shaken condition. There is no longer a raise rule.

The All Out Move
As a full-round action, can move 2x pace + running die. Parry is -4 (min 2), +1 to hit such a character at range.
Must be a mostly straight line. The Charge edge can be used, at -2 Fighting, +4 Damage. Then make an Agility roll at -2 or end up prone.
Can perform mounted without the edge, getting +8 damage total.

It’s a Surprise!
Particularly clever attacks can get a +2 to attack and damage. Doesn’t stack with The Drop.

“Bypass Skull”
Can take a base -6 (not counting additional modifiers, such as for helmets) to go for the eye, ear, open mouth, etc. of a particularly tough opponents. In doing so, not only is the +4 damage applied, but the target only gains one-half or their natural Toughness (and no Armor, unless it’s from the Power).

Wild attack
Take a -2 to your parry for the next round, and add a +2 to your attack and damage.

The Deep Magic
All arcane casters except alchemists automatically gain the Soul Drain Edge upon achieving the standard requirements for the Edge.

Meditative Casting
Take 1 minute to cast to get longer duration:
Rounds (becomes) Minutes
Minutes (becomes) 10 Minutes
10 Minutes (becomes) 100 Minutes
Hours (becomes) 10 Hours

Defeat the Caster, Defeat the Spell
Whenever a caster is Incapacitated, any of their active powers instantly end.

Artificer can be Disrupted
Any enchanted item requiring a roll (Spirit, Skill, etc…) can be disrupted per normal rules.

Opening the Floor for Nominations
Each player gets a special “Nomination Chip” to award to any player as a benny during the game (session).

Extra Effort
A player can spend a bennie, once per roll, in lieu of a re-roll, to add an extra d6 to a Trait roll, which can Ace. Cannot be combined with re-roll.


A player can spend a bennie, in lieu of Extra Effort, to re-roll a Trait roll. Cannot be combined with Extra Effort.

A Very Palpable Hit
All Wild Cards can spend a benny to re-roll damage, there is no need for the No Mercy Edge.

Lead From the Front
Each time a Leadership Edge is taken, the player may also give the character a skill increase for one skill less than its linked attribute.

Divine Intervention
(AKA “Deus Ex Machina Est”)
GMs may give bonuses or re-roll or other benefits from any powerful celestial allies they serve in any way.

Golden Benny
The Gold Benny is awarded almost exclusively for birthdays — anyone having a birthday in the week leading up to or after the current session gets it. For significant events, like milestone anniversaries, getting married in the first place, accomplishing something fairly awesome in real life, or doing an act of great kindness in the world, I might also award such a benny.
The Gold Benny is a pretty major deal. For one thing, it’s the Life Saver. At any time, it can be spent on the behalf of any character to negate all damage suffered in a given round — even damage that kills a character! The GM has to find some way to explain events such that, somehow, it just didn’t happen, or something happened to change the results.
Alternately, the player can spend a Gold Benny — again, on any Hero’s behalf — to cause any Trait roll to automatically succeed with a raise. If further effects can be gained by continued rolling, the initial roll, including the Wild Die, is considered to have Aced.
Damage can be affected in the same way by a Gold Benny.
The most common use of the Gold Benny in my campaigns has been the “Activate Deus Ex Machina” Plot Device System, whereby I am expected to entertain my players with some creative and overthe-top narration of how amazing circumstances and/or the involvement of greater spiritual beings have interfered to give the Heroes some huge leg-up in their current, very dire, situation.
It may sound awful to some of you GMs, but trust me; it has become the highlight of most of my campaigns. After all, there are always new dire situations to throw at them…
Only one Golden Benny may be had at any time.

House Rules

Two Benny Rule
No more than 2 bennies may be spent on any roll regardless of what type of bennie is being used.

Nomination Bennies
Rangers receive extra Nomination bennies based upon their Ranger Rank which can be shared with player characters under their command.
Ranger 1st Class +1 benny
Corporal +2 bennies
Sergeant +3 bennies
Lieutenant +4 bennies
Captain +5 bennies

GM Bennies

These bennies are given to a p[layer when they make a decision that could be considered a villainous act. These bennies can be spent as regular bennies, however they come with a consequence. Thes bennies do not go away until they are spent.

Golden Benny
While Golden Bennies are “magical” things, they cannot be used to “Narrate Defeat” of major villains. They can negate immunity, empower weapons, guarantee critical hits and even summon down the power of the Ascended. But, you cannot simply spend Golden Bennies to auto-win. This devalues players and turns the game into a resource management system wherein those with Golden Bennies win and those without fail.

Shaintar Legends Awaken: Agents of Flame

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