Shaintar Legends Awaken: Agents of Flame

Agents of Flame Campaign Report 39

I was able to get a few hours rest between the time I sent you my last report and the siren sounds began going off alerting everyone that it was time to leave the city. The Kal had arrived and all of our distractions were in place, but in all the chaos the team went in different directions. We all knew which direction we were headed at least and were going to meet about 5 miles south of where we were. Well, that is, Roberts, Ari, Mal and I would be meeting up. We didn’t really have much time to try and find Sebastian. He knew our end destination so I hoped his cart would slow him down enough for us to run into him. I slipped out with the masses and reached the meeting point when I realized…I still had everyone’s paperwork. Thankfully everyone made it out and I made sure they got their papers back. Sebastian did spot me as I waited and the others appeared shortly after. As we are on our way to Vorz we saw the Kal fleeing in our direction. Sebastian pulled the cart off the road and we set up camp. After we are good for the night, Mal suggests Ari and I induct Sebastian and Roberts. I don’t see the harm in it, and it will probably be easier to do things if they know the necessary secrets. Sebastian it seems already knows more than he should. I don’t know if I should be overly concerned about how loose lipped the others he has worked with have been, or be glad that he can blend in and be accepted so easily by others. The latter will definitely make him a great brother.
When we woke, Softpaws had disappeared off on another venture. We keep on our mission and finally reach Vorz. The fight with the Kal is going strong. We saw what looked like a dwarf hit our wagon with Jet. Apparently this thing is indestructible! We are fine, the horses bolt, and our attacker walks down the wall she was on and approaches us. Sebastian seems to know her as Harley. Yes, that Harley. When enough Kal had been taken out we pushed the cart into the city and met with Tull. We went to a bar with Harley after. I am glad we went because we got to talk to this weird woman who used to run the town when Zathlan was away. The town seems to think that she has betrayed them, or will betray them, or both. By the way, Zathlan’s manor is very nice. We stayed the night and rested as well as we could with a meeting in the war room bright and early the next day. We sat and planned for what seemed like hours upon hours. Sebastian seems to be calling in a High Magic favor that will be pricey and take about a week to be ready. We did receive intel that there were about 400 Kal troops with a few Horde Champions in route while we were discussing this. We made plans to Reinforce the battlements, use the indestructible cart as a way to get arms to our men in the field (and get men in the middle of the Kal Troops), dug more pitfalls with the Everwall dwarves, and made sure Ava’s rear guard was where we needed them. We fight tomorrow and I pray all goes well. I don’t want to see our troops decimated as I fear they will be, especially if we can’t hold them off until the High Magic is ready. I will update you after the battle has ended, one way or another.
Morwen Elda


kitanona1216 morwen_elda

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